Mae is a non-binary queer crip artist based in New York City. In addition to their studio practice, Mae works as a freelance photographer. Their experience with photography includes digital photography, 35 mm film, and medium format film. They also have extensive experience scanning and editing film.

Their work aims to explore the dichotomy between the spectacle and the banal. Exploring queerness and its enmeshment with capitalism, whiteness, and (in)accessibility. Their work is created with tenderness, aiming to serve the community that is queer people, trans people, and chronically ill folk from whom the work is informed by and the organizing and care work is performed alongside.

Mae has worked with Masq.online, Activation Residency Co-Op Fund, New York Transformative Justice Hub, and Free Them All For Public Health. They are a graduate of Colorado College. They were a resident at Activation Residency in 2019 and Picture Berlin in 2018.

Email: mae.eskenazi@gmail.com

Instagram: @swamp_witch__

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